Nail Trim - $20

Bath Tidy - $90
Includes a full wash, glands, and blow dry, minimum basic tidying of the body, and nail trim.

Basic Trim and Lion trim - $125
Basic Trim: The perfect in between variation for those of you not ready to "bare it all" with a lion cut. This treatment begins with a nail trim for both front and back feet, an ear cleaning, gland expressal and then continuing with a trim from 1/8" to 1". Is your furbaby also in need of a sanitary shave down below? This treatment is also perfect for those of you kitties carrying around some extra baggage. The basic trim also comes complete with a full Brazilian sanitary shave in their nether regions. Your feline is then pampered with a warm bath, so they are left soft and silky for you to cuddle when you go home!

Lion Trim: Is your inner lion wanting or needing to come out to play? This is the perfect service for you! Starting with a nail trim  for both the front and back feet, ear cleaning, gland expressal, then continuing with a full shave into a lion cut pattern and followed up with a degreasing treatment to take away any oils or dead skin cells. Finishing with a lovely warm bath to soften your fur & skin, you will go home ready to "roar!" with the best of them!

 **Must have a sedation sign off for me to groom or bathe your kitty cat. ** ask me for more information on sedation.

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