We're Moving!!! <3

March 5, 2017
Well, Love is in the air and I am missing my Hunny Bunny!  So, naturally I have decided to pack up EVERYTHING and move to a little town out in the middle of nowhere, to be closer to him.  <3  Must be love, right?!  Actually, I am excited! So far, Sundre seems to be an exciting little town! It reminds me of Drayton Valley - So I feel right at home in it. :-) 

So my new and exciting venture is in the Pioneer Veterinary Clinic.  Should be interesting; the space is a bit smaller than what I am accustomed to, BUT I will make it work!! I'll just create some false walls for the tub, learn some mad organizational skills, and hopefully not blow any breakers!  Can you imagine? Me blowing a breaker and the whole place goes down in the middle of an important surgery?! It's my biggest fear!  That's my anxieties going at their fullest. lol.  LOGICALLY the builder wouldn't have put the WHOLE building on one breaker.. RIGHT?!?! lol... Oh, I hope not.. but, I guess, I have seen it before - Case in point - My Rosedale Place. Ugh - Bless and Release!  

So my Squeaky Clean K-9 Peeps, Wish me massive Luck and hopefully this all works out Beautifully!  I will miss all my Red Deer people immensely, and I am sending each and every one of you massive hugs,and maybe a few little tears!  **Hugging computer screen - and completely soaking a kleenex**.  

**Takes a DEEP Breath** ... So, Here We Go!


Crazy would be a Slight Understatement

May 17, 2012

Holy Moly..,
If that phrase could only sum up everything, then it would be so simple. This spring has been the busiest that Squeaky Clean K-9's has ever seen! I am so thankful, but Every day I get at LEAST 4 callers asking if they could get in 'that day'. Most of the time, I am unable to do so, so I am giving everyone warning.. When wanting to book your puppy in, Please call at least 2 weeks in advance. That should be plenty for me. You can also go and do online scheduling on the tabs above and see all my available openings. Thank you for your ongoing and Extravagantly Gracious support my SCK-9 Peeps!


Ok,.. Clear your mind.. Think Happy thoughts.. Calming Thoughts...

February 8, 2012

I recently went to a grooming seminar in Pasadena, Ca during the first week of February. I learned some really helpful ideas, seen some mind blowing creations, and drooled over all the tools I Wish I owned...
One of the seminars that really stuck with me was calming massage therapy, and aromatherapy for pets. Apparently Lavender essential oil is an amazing tool to help keep the stress level down in your area. Some of which I believe all groomers could benefit from. We learned passive touch therapy and hands on massage. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic responses. I had also learned that with just incorporating a few of these ideas into our salon, life could be made much calmer and simpler.

 My goal since returning from Pasadena is to relax a bit more. Slow down and take things at my pace, not the clients. I want to produce more quality cuts, not quantity cuts. I'm sorry, but if you are looking for rushed in and out, please visit some other salon. I want to bond with your animal and feel zen. Trust me, when we groomers get frustrated, which can happen A Lot, our quality goes down dramatically. I don’t want that to happen anymore here.  Squeaky Clean K-9's is going to be 'Californi-ized'. I am taking that term from one of my clients... it was her reaction to it when I first told her... haha.

 Oh well, peanut was calm and gentle, and Candice was calm and gentle.  A perfect combination I think. She was falling asleep on the table.. I was falling asleep on the table.. come to think of it, maybe I should hold back some of the lavender....



Halloween Fun!

November 2, 2011
Here are a couple of pups that wanted a little something extra for Halloween..


It's a Charlie Brown Christmas!!

November 1, 2011
Oh My Goodness! Christmas is coming and I am so stoked for this years Christmas pictures!!  I have the cutest props coming, but I am still dreaming of a background.. hmm.. maybe my jersey/freezer room will need to be transformed.... How much will Jay hate me? hmmm.... (but it'so worth it!) hahahaha

Can you guess the theme??!!


New Things at Squeaky Clean K-9's!! :)

October 8, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would start a blog, to help keep everyone up to date on Squeaky Clean K-9's. We have some new and interesting things happening here, first I bought new scissors (yay for me!), ok, so not too exciting.... But another thing is that I have introduced Cat Grooming into my services available. This should be interesting, but I believe I am in great hands, I have an amazing teacher!  I will be booking cats on days without dogs, any for I am trying to limit the amount stress induced in the environment.

I also attended a grooming seminar last Saturday, (So Fun!), and I learned so much!  I am now able to create a pink ribbon design, (the world famous logo for Breast Cancer Awareness), on your pooch! How cute is that! It's an amazing way to show support and raise awareness in your community! I am selling them for $10 and for every pink ribbon I sell, I will be donating $2 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation